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Company name:Town Twinning
Company headquarters:Dunajský Klátov 20, Dunajský Klátov 930 21
Phone:031 / 559 13 31
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About us

The TownTwinning meeting of Citizen was held on 9-11. May 2014. 06. 24. in the municipality of Dunajský Klátov.

Friday primarily gave opportunities for the revival of older acquaintances and development of new ones. The applicant and the partners introduced themselves, described their co-operation so far. The opening ceremony was followed by the presentation of the dolls dressed in traditional costumes, which were made by all partners. These are decorated in regional, traditional wears, and were available to view both on stage and in one of the tents. The program of local children and youth provided an energetic start to the meeting.

On Saturday the opening of the exhibition gave opportunities to become familiar with the local photographer, who captures natural beauties from a particular point of view. The participants could also admire the beautiful nature, as the exhibition was housed in the picturesque surroundings of Klatov mill. Further interesting feature of the location is that the traditional craft of millers was also presented here.

Saturday also offered a rich accompanying program, which involved a number of interesting and topical issues. They were available in several locations, such as the mayor's office, the Dunajsky Klatov mill, at the nearby ranch and on the football field as well. The key message was delivered by the EU info-stall, in which copious amounts of information materials were available in the form of leaflets and brochures. Provision of information was complemented by persons responsible for giving information, who were prepared to respond the expected inquiries of visitors. The exchange of opinions and discussions took place in the mayor's office, where the participants could discuss issues related to families, the older generations and their peaceful co-existence in a relaxed atmosphere. Other topics were related to the rights and opportunities provided by the EU, which are often less clear for the EU citizens.

Part of the Sunday program served spiritual immersion and solemn contemplation. The Festive Mass commemorated the fallen heroes of the two world wars, who originated from the region. The event was particularly significant because of the presence of a retired clergyman of local origin, who took part in the mass. This was important because it had been a long time since he last visited his home village and the locals had not seen him performing a mass for long. After the Mass, the participants laid a wreath at the memorial of the fallen heroes, which is located in the center of the village, jointly.

In the afternoon the football cup started, which has become a tradition in our village in the previous years. Its interesting feature is that representatives of several generations are playing friendly matches, the atmosphere was friendly and very fair as usual.