We Are in Space 6 indoor festival Kosodrevina

Dátum:11. Nov - 13. Nov
Miesto:Horná Lehota
Kategória: Hudba, festivaly, koncerty , Párty, disco, nočný život

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Srdecene vas pozyvame na piate pokračovanie uspešneho wikendoveho mini festivalu WE ARE IN SPACE na legendarnej chate KOSODREVINA-NIZKE TATRY. Tento rok sme museli termin trocha posunut z dovodu budnovania lanovky.

Možete sa tešiť na dva podia s množstvom zahraničnych aj domacich interpretov. Nebude chybat velky chillout alternative stage s čajovnou SHANTEA BAR. K dispozicii budu dva bary, jedalen s dennym menu, mnmožstvo obchodikov, prekrasnych dekoracii a okulahodicach projekcií a mapping.
Ubytovnaie priamo na chate KOSODREVINA-

rezervacie na ubytko uz mozne : E-mailová adresa: chatakosodrevina@gmail.com, rooms bookings avlaible here: chatakosodrevina@gmail.com


We warmly invite you to join us at mountain Cottage KOSODREVINA (Low Tatras) for the fifth installment of the successful weekend minifestival WE ARE IN SPACE. You can look forward to two stages with a variety of international and local acts. Naturally you can also expect a big chillout area with the SHANTEA BAR chai shop.

Other attractions include two bars, a canteen with daily specials, lots of stalls, stunning decorations, and gorgeous projections. Accommodation is available on-site at Chalet Kosodrevina in 2,3,4,5,or 6 bed dorms.

Reservations for rooms will be open from the beginning of August. email adress : chatakosodrevina@gmail.com

Arrive by cable car, or enjoy the short walk with beautiful views of the Low Tatras.

We look forward to your company!

LINEUP- is full no requests please !!!

live and djs sets

•●ૐ●• ·MANIFOLD!!!-Mystic Sound Records RUSSIA

Manifold Studio manifold-studio.com/eng/

The legendary duo from Russia – Manifold – is back after 7 years of silence with an awesome album “Digital Sun”. The project was founded in 2003 by Edward Cybered soundcloud.com/cybered and Alexander Sulima soundcloud.com/sulima-alex . Unmistakable psychedelic trance for the prime time of the main dancefloors is ready to make you dance.

•●ૐ●• PROPAGUL!!! Sonic Chakras Records RUSSIA


Propagul is the project of two talented musicians from Russia, Moscow (Evgeniy and Maxim). Both started their musical experience long time ago and step by step were developing their skills in making tunes as well as djing on different parties. Well Evgeny and Maxim started their psychedelic experience as two separate projects Kiru and Maximus, made lots of tunes and released many of tracks on different labels such as DARK recs, Triplag music, Blitz Studios, made solo and split albums. After some years of working under the projects their meet each other in the scene and decided to make collaborated project named PROPAGUL its mainly forest vibes style expressing some life experience and thoughts and emotions connected with our earth and nature.

•●ૐ●• MAIIA!!! Ovnimoon rec/Mystic Sound rec. RUSSIA


Maiia Project is harmoniously combination the sounds of an ancient instruments and modern electronic in her music. The project was founded in 2006 by Alla Vagner (dj Maiia),

In 2014 Alla together with Edward Cybered launches a label Mystic Sound Records, releasing a music of such well-known producers as Slackbaba, Globular, Radiactive Sandwich, ManMadeMan, Chilled C’Quence, Kanc Cover, Chronos, Taruna and many more.

•●ૐ●• SULIMA!!! Sangoma rec. RUSSIA


Sulima is a much respected Moscow based psychedelic trance producer. He is one of the artists behind duo Manifold, as well as one of the experienced post-production engineers in Moscow.Since 2001 Sulima starts to write a psy-trance. His music finds the response in the hearts of listeners and Alexander starts to play actively at events of different scale - from private parties to big raves.
Since 2003 Sulima is one of the founders of project Manifold that has recommended itself as qualitative releases in Russia and abroad. In 2009 there was debut album “Time Shift” on the Australian label “Blitz Studio” and at once has received a tones of positive responses worldwide. For 10 years, Alexander released several albums and a lot of tracks on various compilations.

•●ૐ●• CYBERED!!! Horns&Hoofs Entertaimen RUSSIA

Cybered is a solo project of techno-trance dj Edward Cybered from Moscow (born in 1979). After hearing the album of "Juno Reactor - Transmission" in 1994, he began his trip into mysterious lanes of psy and goa trance. In 1995 he visited a trance party for the first time, and shortly after he started to make music by himself. He and his brother, had been using for it tracker-program, making their first steps in creating goa and acid trance music. In 1999 he was a part of demo-scene under the name of Sadman. With the millenium coming, Edward became interested in the progressive techno vibrations and founded a psytechno project called Cybered. So very soon the creativity of this project has attracted the attention of Alex Tolstey, the owner of techno record labels named Boshkebeats records and Horns&Hoofs Entertainment. With the assistance of Alex Tolstey ( Boshke Beats/Horns&Hoofs) Entertainment had released the tracks of Cybered project worldwide. From 2001 till late 2004, Cybered has beed a resident of Swedish label Moonflower Records. During that period he actively worked on the development of Horns&Hoofs label, released several mixes as a dj, toured a lot, acted on the festivals and a lot of parties in Russia and abroad and also organized first psy-progressive and psytechno parties in Moscow. Besides that, Edward is a founder of psytrance project Manifold, which has released 2 full leight albums on such labels as DejaVu rec. , Sunstation rec. and a lot of tracks on different VA. More info about Manifold is available on page: myspace.com/manifoldproject In 2009 Edward founded his own mastering studio (manifold-studio.com

•●ૐ●• MANJU!!! Forestdelic rec AUSTRIA


Manju, born 1979, quickly learned music is not only music, but his way to express himself. At the age of 8 he got introduced to the accoustic guitar at the local music school and started his journey as a musician. 1990, rock inspired him to write his own lyrics. Some small and more experimental music projects and experiments with friends follow, and at the age of 14 he buys his first Turntable and mixer, so the real journey could begin. Manju played at many parties from Sweden to Hungary and across Europe as DJ Manubi and since 2004 he also started to make his first Live performances. Now, 17 years after Manju bought his first psychedelic vinyl he is proud and happy to present his debut album.

•●ૐ●• GUWANEJ-Psycana rec/Forestdelic rec GERMANY


Guwanej is Sven Pape, born in Munich. In the early 90´s he had his first contacts with music and mostly loved The Beatles, Michael Jackson, R.E.M. Later he listened to Dance, Happy Hardcore and various electronic music styles influenced by ethno, bhangra, accapellas, percussion, house etc. In '97 he visited the legendary Natraj Temple in Munich and fell in love with Goa Trance in all of it's art forms, and soon after he started also playing it as a Dj in Munich and Upper Bavaria. In his free time he started to make decorations and collecting backdrops by the name of Waldschrat Deko. Since 2013 he becomes part of the Alice in Wummerland parties, the biggest party series in the south of Germany as a resident Dj, and also starts playing on international as well as local gigs. Today his unique sets are filled up with fullpower twilight and forest music. They often change from progressive tunes to melodic and crackling tracks

•●ૐ●•AZRAEL NeuroScotia rec UK

Azrael (Alex Millington) was introduced to Psytrance in the summer of 2008 while living in Italy. He is a manager of Scotland's first Psychedelic Trance label, Neuroscotia Records, which was begun with a collection of like minded individuals in 2011, whilst he was travelling the world, and playing at parties as far afield as Indonesia (Burning Island, Gili Air 2013), Slovakia (Fantasy Forest 2013) Vienna (Psykodrome 2013) Italy (Holograma 2013) and of course Edinburgh (Glencoe 2013, Assorted other events) He is currently a resident DJ at the Space Bar Chillout Heaven, Bratislava.His sound can be anywhere between Chillout and Hi-Tech depending on the forum, With driving Basslines, Epic Drops, and beautiful morning melodies thrown in for good measure. Bookings and Info - Psy-con@hotmail.com

•●ૐ●• PETRIX-Transkarpatians–UKRAINE

•●ૐ●• ILIJA-PublicBeta Music-MACEDONIA

•●ૐ●• OCHEN-Lesna Zajka/Medula-POLAND

•●ૐ●• MEFF-Goa Dupa/Egodrop-POLAND

•●ૐ●• STYROPIAN-psylesia-POLAND

•●ૐ●• HAVAYA-3D vision/GoaDupa POLAND

•●ૐ●•HARABURDA-Psyalaska Tribe-SLOVAKIA

•●ૐ●• GYRRO-Spectral Sound-SLOVAKIA

•●ૐ●• STAFA Psyalaska Tribe-SLOVAKIA

•●ૐ●• TURO Psyalaska Tribe-SLOVAKIA

•●ૐ●• CUMMIS-Zahadum Sphere - SLOVAKIA

•●ૐ●• PYRAMID Psyalaska Tribe - SLOVAKIA

•●ૐ●• MAVERICK Psyalaska Tribe - SLOVAKIA

•●ૐ●• PSYONICLE-Zahadum Sphere-SLOVAKIA

•●ૐ●• SMEAGOL-Bizzare Project-SLOVAKIA



•●ૐ●• RODICRON-String Art-SlOVAKIA

VISUALS and MAPPING all stage concept

•●ૐ●• Vortex Visual Division-POLAND

SHOPS, STALLS are very welcome,obchodiky a workshopy su vitane info do emailu psyalaskacrew@gmail.com

en3-17 EUR all wend
1day-10 EUR

!!!!!!!!!UBYTOVANIE je mozne rezervovat !!!!!!!!



Info: psyalaskacrew@gmail.com

sound system powered by
◄A-KA-THA crystal sound system►://akatha.webnode.sk/

Miesto konania podujatia: Chata Kosodrevina Chopok-juh, Horná Lehota
Dátum začiatku podujatia: 11. Novembra 2016 19:00
Dátum ukončenia podujatia: 13. Novembra 2016 22:00
Pravdepodobné súradnice: 48.9325N 19.599E

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