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Main aim of our project, “We jointly build the future of the EU”, is to support the basics of democracy, cooperation, common values in a changing Europe by active local and regional participation on national and union level. 
We want to make a tradition from the event that the cooperating partners, citizens and members of organisation profoundly understand the positive aspects, advantages of the EU, to teach them participation in the decision-making process and to widely utilize the tools in the future. 
Important element is to expand knowledge about EU, disperse scepticism about future of EU, support communication among generations and nations, enhance tolerance in a long-term and establish wide relations network among population. Moreover, to disperse scepticism about the future of EU, support communication among the generations and nations, enhance tolerance in a long-term and utilize communication possibilities of internet during the debate forums. 
Accompanying events will help to experience tastes of each region through gastronomic programs and to present alternative healthy eating. During the implementation, we put attention to environment with lectures and recyclable materials.
Activities bring together people of all ages, societal groups in order to understand each other's social and political issues, to discuss the future of the EU, to convince the sceptics about the positive aspects of the EU, to help to understand the concept of solidarity and to inspire the citizens for volunteering. We also involve the disadvantaged citizens in the project implementation.
We prioritize the publication in all participating countries during the implementation, hence achieving multiplication effect. 
The project will be attended by visitors from HU 35 visitors Kaposszekcso Község Önkormányzata, 45 visitors from CZ Obec Zlutava and 70 visitors from HU Halaszi Sportegyesulet.