GLASS WORLD s.r.o. - sklo, sprchovacie kúty, sklenené zábradlia, kuchynské zásteny

Company name:GLASS WORLD s.r.o. - Dunajská Streda, Komárno, Bratislava, Galanta, Nitra, Trnava
Company headquarters:Jesenského 2/5120, Dunajská Streda 929 01
Phone:0905 329 390
IČ DPH:SK2023331398
Okr. súd Trnava, Vložka číslo: 27979/T
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About us

The aim of our company GLASS WORLD s.r.o. is to workmanship, transport and installation of hardening safety glass, reflexing glass and colour glass system without frame.

We provide it in houses and flats, offices, shops and department stores, public buildings. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

We provide the best solution and the best quality to our customers.